Serviced Office Space for Rent

If you are on the lookout for serviced office space for new six-man law firm the following is what you need to succeed, Get one of the best real estate agents in your area to help guide you in your decision-making getting serviced offices for rent. What you need is a ready-to-go work space with support services and where you pay only one bill with all cleaning, rent, and other charges included. By getting the full package you have access to the latest technology in a fully equipped and customized workspace as well as gaining entrance to business lounges, video communications, and meeting rooms. Terms should be in your favor where you can choose full time or part time office space for however long you need it.Choose your office space with the future in mind. In other words, whether you are going to upgrade and take on new employees, or downsize.Benefits of Serviced Office SpaceThe space is available for instant use and you don’t have to put your business on hold. You can have a flexible lease for as short as three to six months. Management is no longer your problem and you are now free to concentrate on your business Services are paid for only when they are used; no money is wasted. Maintenance of equipment is no longer your concern and is now the responsibility of the office provider. You now will have a good business address, which is better than your address at home. Serviced offices are good for small businesses, companies seeking to relocate, and branch offices for larger companies. Your company is growing at an amazing rate and you are able to upgrade your lease to accommodate two or three more employees. Serviced office space is especially useful when you do not have the money for a conventional office and you have to keep on working.Other Services and BenefitsServiced office space also includes answering of the telephone using your business name. It comes complete with a receptionist, secretarial assistance, the use of broadband and ADSL, computer networking, meeting and conference facilities, interview and training rooms, presentation rooms, heating and air conditioning, as well as catering for events on an ongoing basis. Some offices will include computers and laptops if they are needed, but at a high cost. Services vary from place to place. In London, for instance, the demand for serviced offices has seen offices grow and accommodate from 50 to 500 people. Access to serviced offices is usually 24 hours a day.SummaryIn summary, while the above is all good and great, serviced office space is better than renting if you are planning to relocate in six months. Serviced office space should be a short term solution. Another advantage of renting your own office, with the property owner’s consent, of course, is that you are free to organize and arrange things the way you want and the chance to brand the building. If you have your own furniture and equipment, the cost will be even less.